Chiropractic adjustments – Dr. McVay utilizes a variety of techniques based on the diagnosis and patient preference.  Diversified and flexion/distraction techniques are used most frequently, but other techniques are used as needed.  Diversified is a high-velocity, low-amplitude technique… in common terms, these adjustments generally result in joint cavitation or “popping.”

Passive modalities – Some acute injuries require or respond more quickly with the use of therapy.  Dr. McVay uses electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, mechanical traction, and a decompression table with many patients, especially in the initial stages of care.

Acupuncture – Dr. McVay completed the 200-hour acupuncture requirement in 2002 and was among the first certified chiropractic acupuncturists in the state.  Conditions most commonly treated with acupuncture are headaches, sinus pressure, leg pain, foot pain, knee pain and arthritis pain.  Dr. McVay has also expecienced success with acupuncture for fertility issues and the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Massage therapy
 – This service is provided by certified massage therapists Barb Patterson, Kasi Thatcher, and Heather Emery.   For more information on massage therapy, please visit the massage therapy section of our website.